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Ventura Gem & Mineral Society

Jewel Tunnel Imports Open House

Saturday, Dec 7, 2019
9 am - 4 pm

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Jewel Tunnel Imports

Jewel Tunnel Imports is a leading wholesale distributor of mineral specimens, crystals, fossils, tumbled stones and many different kinds of lapidary items like balls, eggs, jewelry etc. made from different minerals with a warehouse over 10,000 sq. feet

Jewel Tunnel Imports holds limited open house parties for mineralogically and geologically oriented groups, such as the students and faculty of various university geology departments and members of certain gem and mineral societies. These open houses, by invitation only, on a few weekends just proceeding Christmas, offer a chance for individuals belonging to these groups to buy minerals and crystals at wholesale prices and to learn something about the wholesale gem and mineral business.

Jewel Tunnel Imports is a wholesale only warehouse and this invitation is only for the date of the open house. If you wish to return during the year to purchase items you will need to obtain your own resale permit from the California State Board of Equalization. 9% sales tax will be charged. All sales are final.

Show up when it's convenient for you or arrange to carpool with other club club members. Lunch, snacks and drinks are provided.

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Event location   MAP
Jewel Tunnel Imports
13100 Spring St
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

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