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Ventura Gem & Mineral Society

Wiley's Well Weekend Trip

Fri-Sat, Dec. 3-4, 2021
8 am

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Friday-Saturday, December 3-4, 2021

This trip will be led by Chuck Borchart (CGMC). 805-551-9946 chuck.cgmctrips @gmail.com

Each day we will leave from the entrance to the Coon Hollow Campground at 8:00am and return in the late afternoon. For those of you who can make it on Friday, we will be going for Fire Agates and Psilomelane. On Saturday, we will concentrate on various Geode Sites. Be sure to carry your lunch and water when we go to the collecting sites, as we will probably not come back to camp during the day.

TRIP LOCATION: The Wiley Well District is 10 miles southwest of Blythe, CA and is one of the most popular collecting areas on the Colorado Desert.

CAMPGROUNDS & FACILITIES: This year, I will be camping at the Coon Hollow Campground. This site is $40 for a 2 week period whether you stay 1 night or the whole 2 weeks. There are restrooms, but no water. Blythe is a good place to get food, supplies, ice and gasoline (or run across the river to Ehrenburg where gas is at least 30cents per gallon cheaper). It is approximately 25 miles from Blythe to the campsite. There are numerous good motels in Blythe with a wide range of rates, plus several restaurants.

DIRECTIONS TO CAMPSITE: From the 10 Freeway, exit on Wiley Well Road and turn south from the freeway. The road is paved until you reach the stop sign by the prison. Do not turn right, but keep going straight ahead on the dirt road to Coon Hollow Campground. (This is past the Wiley Wells Campground)

VEHICLES: On Friday, a 4-wheel drive vehicle “is” necessary to get to the Fire Agate . We will try to make arrangements for those without a 4-wheel drive to ride with those who do. On Saturday’s trip, a 4-wheel drive vehicle is not a “must” , but is highly recommended. At least a high clearance vehicle is advised. No low-clearance vehicles advised. These sites are remote, so bring food, water and all required supplies. The nearest stores are in Blythe, California.

SAFETY CONCERNS: Do not lick the rocks, use sun screen when needed, stay away from rattlesnakes, use bug spray, be aware of flash floods, be extra careful, team up with a buddy and don't get lost.

CLIMATE & WEATHER: We are planning on nice weather—sunny days; cool, clear, star filled nights. But remember it can rain and be windy this time of year so be prepared and plan ahead.

MATERIAL TO COLLECT: Fire agate, a large variety of miscellaneous fossils, limestone, jasper, petrified wood, agates, Psilomelane, Black Agates, geodes and nodules.

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Coon Hollow Campground

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